We’ll admit it: There are days when we think We have made a terrible mistake. And then a graphic design class will visit from Boston University and we’ll be reminded why we’re doing this. It’s such a treat to see the kids excited (or faking excitement) about the same things we’re excited about. It’s incredibly rejuvenating.

And then there are days when someone just comes in . . . and then comes another day. And another. And this person takes full advantage of every little thing we’ve got—which is exactly why we have all these things and make them available. And then that person comes back and shows us what’s been made as result of spending so much time at the gallery. Molly Haig exemplifies this. She came to the gallery and we showed her something extra. And she took it from there, making this lovely little movie—and reintroducing us to our own collection of Japanese matchboxes and cigarette packs. Watch below:


Molly is a staff designer at the Harvard Art Museums with her own freelance design practice and a particular interest in animation. In getting reacquainted with her site we came across this stunner: A Little Called Pauline. It starts quietly—and we’ll admit to thinking Do we really want to sit through five minutes of this? Yes. Absolutely. Once it got cooking we could not look away. She even tricked us into reading poetry—as if the film wasn’t already poetic enough.  

So, thank you, Molly, for not just clicking Like—but for acting on your interests.