An Alphabet (Yvette Rutledge)


Here’s a repro proof of a small alphabet by Yvette Rutledge, originally lettered for Barry Moser’s Pennyroyal Press for a book. (What’s a repro proof you ask? It’s a clean, sharp proof made from a letterpress printing surface to serve as photographic copy for a printing plate.) So, it’s not an original but it was used in the production of An Alphabet in 1986. It’s been pinned on a wall in Easthampton, Mass, for a zillion years. (Or, maybe since 1986.) A precious little thing that’ll look great on your wall for a zillion years.

  • Size: 4 × 7 inches
  • Pages: 1 loose sheet
  • Binding: n/a
  • Condition: Fine, but with a pin hole
  • Publisher: None, really. But it’s from a Pennyroyal Press book.