Hall of Femmes: Ruth Ansel

Ruth Ansel has been the art director of Harper’s Bazaar (1960s), The New York Times Magazine (1970s) and Vanity Fair (1980s). Each time she was the first woman to hold that position. In the early 1990s, she formed her own design studio and designed such notable books as The Sixties by Richard Avedon, Women and The White Oak Dance Project by Annie Leibovitz, and a master monograph for Taschen by Peter Beard. She continued to work closely with Richard Avedon and designed several significant portfolios of his work for The New Yorker. Not enough? Her studio has also designed ad campaigns for such brands as Versace, Club Monaco, and Karl Lagerfeld. This is her story.
Size: 5.125 × 9 inches
Pages: 72
Binding: Softcover
Publisher: Oyster Press, 2010