A Comparison of Hunter Typefaces

Get this: It’s a setting of types by Dard Hunter. Who’s Dard Hunter? Probably the only person design a typeface, cut the punches, cast the type, make the paper, write, design, and print a book. (He drew the line at binding.) This is a showing of two of his types, printed on paper made at his paper mill Connecticut. On the back is a proof of a color engraving. Once we could’ve told you what it turned into, but we’ve forgotten and don’t care to look into it right now. The note at the bottom was set not in one of Hunter’s faces, but in Emerson (or Spiral [we can’t tell the difference {and don’t care to right now}}). As far as we know there is no digital version of these Hunter faces. Maybe turn this into a noncommercial project? Or maybe write to Dard Hunter III to get permission.
  • Size: 7.5 × 10.75 inches
  • Medium: Letterpress
  • Condition: There is some discoloration from an unknown cause in the lower left. We say it makes it look rustic.
  • Publisher: The King Library Press, 1997