Alphabets of Grace


There was a time when we didn’t walk around with super-computers in our pockets. When we needed to remember a date or specific event, we would record it in what was called a “calendar”—a collection of paper leaves with a grid of numbers on which one could keep track of time. This is where your calendar app got its name. Alphabets of Grace is the best sort of calendar, so beautiful that one wouldn’t dare throw it out at the end of the year, and thirty-eight years later, those events and appointments can still be recalled. This stunner by Stephen Harvard was printed at Stinehour Press. Plan ahead for 2025 when this calendar will again be current—or just hang it up now for a daily reminder of typographic and lettering beauty.

  • Author: Stephen Harvard 
  • Size: 11 × 11 inches (closed) 
  • Months: 12 
  • Binding: Pamphlet 
  • Condition: Fine, but note that this coy has a hole drilled at the bottom for hanging, just like most calendars do nowadays. The calendar shown in the pic above is a different copy than what we are presently offering, but is identical except for the hole as described. Someday we’ll get around to photographing it anew. 
  • Publisher: Cahill & Company, 1985