Construction of the Hebrew Letters via Compass-Coordinates and Straight Edge

No doubt you’re familiar with attempts to construct Roman caps via pure geometry. Dürer was doing it a zillion years ago. And Luca Pacioli also did so before you were born. (We have books by both of those guys. Come see.) And more recently David Lance Goines made a stunner. But we were totally unaware of anyone doing it for Hebrew. And we asked some Hebrew type designers. Nobody was aware of such a thing. Is this the first? Maybe. Anyway, Theodore Watkin, Engineer, engineered this system of making Hebrew letters in 1976 (or 5736 if you go by the Jewish calendar) so that anyone could make Hebrew letters. We can’t really judge the results, but we can say that the system he laid out is totally rational and not difficult to follow. Also includes instructions for Arabic numerals. Scarce.
  • Author: Theodore Watkin
  • Size: 6 × 9 inches
  • Pages: 48
  • Binding: Stapled pamphlet
  • Condition: Every so slightly faded and creased on the spine as one would expect from a pamphlet with too many pages. Also, we think this was signed by the author.
  • Publisher: Miriam Press, 1976