Karl Gerstner: AlgoRhythmus 3


Karl Gerstner produced a series of color explorations that allowed people to make their own compositions. This one from 1973 is a bright delight. On one side of loose sheets are reds and oranges. On the other, blacks and grays. The arrangements are endless. (Actually, that's not true but we can't quite wrap our heads around the math problem to calculate the number of possible arrangements on our own. If you can figure it out, let us know.) This one is a good reminder of what is possible with not a whole lot.

See it in action here.

  • Designer: Karl Gerstner
  • Introduction: Max Lüscher
  • Size: 12.25 × 12.375 inches
  • Pages: 5 loose sheets
  • Binding: Cardstock portfolio
  • Condition: Fine, but with one nick on the edge of one of the sheets. Comes in original cardboard package (which is nothing special).
  • Publisher: Galerie Denise René/Hans Mayer, 1973