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One of the very first pieces of printed ephemera we bought (or were given [We can’t recall because we are ungrateful.]) was a copy of Lisa and Leonard Baskin’s new year greeting for 1968. This is not that piece. It’s the same but another copy. (We’ve no idea where ours is. Somewhere safe . . . exactly where we put it.) Anyway, when we first got ours we’d get lost in the design, thinking about how it was done, trying to identify the type (before we knew Cancelleresca Bastarda wasn’t just something to call our father behind his back), and flipping it open and closed, open and closed. It’s such a lovely thing. And now you can obsessively study your own copy. It’ll take your mind off . . . oh . . . everything. A nice meditation on the potential of ink, paper, type, ornaments, rules, color, peace, hope, and happiness.
  • Design: Leonard Baskin
  • Size: Folded: 4.25 × 5.3125 inches; Flat: 8.5 × 5.3125 inches
  • Pages: Single sheet folded in half, so that counts for 4 pages
  • Binding: n/a
  • Publisher: Lisa and Leonard Baskin, 1968 (unless they sent it out early, in which case 1967)