Philatelic Atrocities


Niko Courtelis is a creative director, filmmaker, and butcher of stamps. We should each be so lucky to be carved up with such adventure and care. Cut and shockingly reassembled, these stamp collages have scandalous fun with the often mundane world of stamps. Philatelic Atrocities takes these paper Frankensteins and turns them into a lookbook of freaks, oddities, printing, and design.

Philatelic Atrocities contains seventeen full-color details and reproductions of Niko Courtelis’s stamp collages. A brief introduction by Courtelis explains why it’s OK to chop up stamps.

Author: Niko Courtelis
Size: 5.875 × 9 inches
Pages: 16 
Binding: Pamphlet 
Publisher: Kat Ran Press | Pressed Wafer, 2014