Piet Zwart envelope and post card

Wouldn’t it have been nice to receive a letter or postcard from Piet Zwart? Well, technically, these are from him. He just never got around to addressing and mailing them to you. A model of graphic simplicity, the envelope sets up the mailer (Zwart) to write in (or type) the recipient’s name in the perfect position (to the right of the black square). On the postcard, Zwart’s info is small and tucked away, his P+square positioned to stand in for his signature if he ran of room. Too good.
  • Size: Envelope: 8.625 × 4.375 inches; postcard: 5.875 × 4.9375 inches 
  • Pages: 1 envelope + 1 postcard
  • Binding: n/a
  • Condition: The envelope is very good with a minor buckle in the upper right. The postcard is perfect.
  • Publisher: Piet Zwart, n.d.