Simultané (Sonia Delaunay)


These playing cards were published on the occasion of the first US retrospective of the works of Sonia Delaunay. Organized by the Albright-Knox Gallery in Buffalo, the exhibition traveled to museums throughout the country. Tragically, the publication coincided with the death of Delaunay. The last day of her life was spent supervising the final details of this edition. First published in 1964 to mark the tenth anniversary of the  Deutsches Spielkartenmuseum (German Playing Card Museum) in Bielefeld, this set is from the 1980 reissue and includes a trilingual booklet that includes a note on Delaunay and playing cards, along with a chronology of her non-playing card life.

  • Editor: Jacques Damase
  • Size: Cards: 2.3125 × 3.5625 inches; Box: 4.875 × 5.125 inches
  • Binding: Playing cards in acrylic box
  • Languages: English, French, and German
  • Condition: Cards are clean, but over time there has been some spotting where the ink has worn away, probably from sitting for so long. Two sets of cards with different backing are accompanied by a 16-page booklet in an acrylic box. The box, unfortunately, has some adhesive residue, but is otherwise intact.
  • Publisher: No publisher listed, but the box reads Made in West Germany, and the booklet says 1980.