Strathmore: Expressive Printing Papers [Will Burtin]

Strathmore produced many remarkable specimens of their papers, but with this one they jumped right into the mid-twentieth century. Will Burtin makes nine different sheets sing with six different printing processes (and more colors than we care to count). And that cover is a total stunner.
  • Author: Will Burtin, but really this is mostly a showing of his designs with almost no text. 
  • Size: 9 × 11.5 inches 
  • Pages: 9 leaves with may specimens tipped-on 
  • Binding: Spiral wire binding
  • Condition: Very good, but there is some browning at the outer edges. It's no biggie, though. Also has a sticker from the Alling & Cory paper company on the inside front cover as they were probably the ones who sent this particular copy out.
  • Publisher: Strathmore, 1952