The Beauty of the Hebrew Letter


This one is unique: there are many art books on Chinese lettering, Roman lettering, and so on, but this is one of just a few books on the Hebrew letter. Calligrapher and scribe Izzy Pludwinski is in love with letters, and this love shines through in this extraordinary, groundbreaking book. Here you will find examples of Hebrew writing and design from Biblical times to the present day that showcase the art of lettering as well as the beauty inherent in the forms themselves. Though firmly entrenched in the world of traditional Judaica, Pludwinski’s calligraphic passion lies in finding ever-new expressive forms for the Hebrew aleph-bet—a path that has led him to anywhere from font development to Zen-influenced abstract Hebrew calligraphy, from sacred scrolls to graffiti.

  • Author: Izzy Pludwinski
  • Size: 10 × 10 inches
  • Pages: 240
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Publisher: Brandeis University Press, 2023