The Wild World of Barney Bubbles

The first person who mentioned Barney Bubbles to us was a jerk. Like, a real dick. And so we’ve always avoided looking into the work of Bubbles. Then in England earlier this year we saw this book and decided to pick it up. To say we were hooked then would be misleading—because his designs had already infiltrated our lives with his work for Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, Squeeze, and Ian Dury. We came home and ordered the book for the shop. This, finally, was our in-depth introduction to a remarkable body of work in spite of the dick who first spoke his name to us years before.
  • Author: Paul Gorman
  • Size: 9.1 × 11.1 inches 
  • Pages: 224 
  • Binding: Softcover 
  • Publisher: Thames & Hudson, 2022