We’ll Send You a Letter


We love getting mail—and we check the mailbox obsessively. More often than not, whatever we find in that mailbox goes straight in the recycling bin. But every once in a while we find something special and fun. With any luck, this will be that. 

This is exactly what its title suggests: We’ll send you a letter via the United States Postal Service. Each letter is one-of-a-kind and will be composed just for you. Choose from one of several topics including: Ornament and the typographic book; postage stamps by type designers; advice for young designers; collecting design; the situation in Afghanistan; plumbing and clients; or a surprise topic of our choosing.

Each letter will be printed on our 2-color letterhead, folded three times, and placed in our 2-color envelope. The number of pages varies as needed. Envelopes will be addressed by hand and we’ll use a postage stamp (or stamps) designed by an AIGA Medalist or type designer to send it on its way to you.

Size: 8.5 × 11 inches
Pages: Various
Binding: na
Publisher: Katherine Small Gallery