What are the Dwiggins Marionettes?

Here we have W.A. Dwiggins explaining the beginning and aim of his exploration of marionettes. Why do we care? Well, he was a character. That’s one reason. But he also happened to be an important figure in type design, lettering, and book design, and this little piece reminds us that he had a life outside of all that—and at the same time very much a part of it. Maybe we should try that ourselves, eh? This thing is wildly uncommon. Like, only four libraries in this country have a copy. And one in Canada. That’s it. But aside from that unimportant observation, it’s a nice thing about a nice guy who did nice work and seemed to live a nice life.
  • Authors: Dorothy Abbe and W.A. Dwiggins
  • Size: 5.875 × 6.5 inches 
  • Pages: 3 leaves
  • Binding: Weird pamphlet sorta-thing
  • Publisher: Püterschein Authority, 1950-something. We’re seeing various dates, and none that we trust.