Zdenek Seydl a knihy (Zdenek Seydl and books)


We’ve been putting off writing about this book because we are unable to do it justice. It. Is. Awesome. Although there are two pages in English, the rest is in Czech and we can’t tell you much about Zdenek Seydl (1916–1978). But here’s what we can tell you: His work is inventive and fun and just so so so good. So good. This book of his cover designs and books for children is eye-opening and enlightening and humbling. We turned every page, adding Post-It notes to mark books we want to acquire for an exhibit of his work. We ran out of Post-Its. We count 1,491 covers here. A tremendous resource. Holy cow. This guy was good.

In the first of this 2-volume book is x pages of illustrations with a visual checklist of work. The second volume is straight text, with full bibliographic details of the books along with an index. Even though we can’t read a word of it, we still find it useful. 

  • Editors: Barbora Špičáková, Irena Lehkoživová, and Jiří Hůla
  • Size: 9 × 12.6 inches
  • Pages: Volume 1: 418; Volume 2: 120
  • Binding: Softcover. 2 volumes in slipcase
  • Language: Czech with 2 pages in English—but really this is 90% pictures. It’s a looker, not a reader.
  • Publisher: Archiv výtvarného umění, 2015