100 + 3 Swiss Posters selected by Siegfried Odermatt

“This book contains things I like. Nothing else.” And so begins Siegfried Odermatt’s book about his collection of posters. “I felt it was a pity just to own these posters—among which are some real gems—and not show them to the public.” Hear hear! That’s the whole reason we opened Katherine Small Gallery, so when you buy this book, it’ll be like you have your own Katherine Small Gallery on your bookshelf—but arranged by Odermatt. Although the usual suspects are definitely here, there’s something nice about seeing what a world-class designer likes for himself. Inscribed by Odermatt and Rosmarie Tissi to Inge Druckrey.
  • Editor: Siegfried Odermatt
  • Size: 9 × 9 inches 
  • Pages: 180 
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Language: German, French, and English
  • Condition: Pretty perfect, but there is, like, a pen mark on the front of the jacket. But we’re including three signed letters (in German) from Rosmarie Tissi + one folding card signed by Odermatt + Tissi, so that should make up for it.
  • Publisher: Waser Verlag, 1998