[21 issues of Typographics TI]


Allow us to quote liberally from Impact 2.0: Design magazines, journals and periodicals [1974–2016] and maintain the British spellings of shared words: “Typographics TI was first issued in May 1980, as a quarterly periodical published by the Japan Typography Association, an organisation founded in 1965 and originally called the Japan Lettering Designers’ Association. It was formed to further the development of typography in Japan, and to support designers and educators focused on the research and production of typography. They host a yearly awards programme. Typographics TI is still published in Japan.”

Here we’ve got twenty-one issues, all in good shape and ready to review. There’s hardly any English in these, so get Google Translate ready so you can make sense of what’s going on. Issues generally focus on one topic: Logos, record labels, train stamps, more logos, newspaper mastheads, and it’s generally easy to figure out what’s going on. Some issues are text-heavy, but there’s usually a good nugget of information in there to be discovered. Very uncommon in the U.S.

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  • Size: 8.25 × 11.625
  • Pages: Varies, but we’re seeing page counts between 20 and 200. Most are in the 20s.
  • Binding: Mostly stapled magazines. Two are perfect-bound.
  • Language: Japanese
  • Condition: All very good.
  • Issues: 21 total: 72 (1986); 111–114 (1989); 116–124 (1989–1990); 126–132 (1990–1991)
  • Publisher: Japan Typography Association, 1986–1991