A Keepsake Printed by D.B. Updike

No mere trifle, this little stunner shows (and shows-off) a single character in various combinations to make a variety of patterns, motifs, and borders. Printed at the Merrymount Press in Boston in 1940 by D.B. Updike (or, more likely his staff as we’re pretty sure he never actually got his hands dirty) on the occasion of the Zamorano Club’s November 6 meeting. A lovely thing and a perfect companion to Bram de Does’s work with his own Kaba ornament (here and here) to see how two designers working at opposite ends of the twentieth century had fun with as few shapes as possible.
Size: 9.375 × 12.75 inches
Pages: 1
Binding: na
Publisher: Merrymount Press, 1940