A Perspective on Type and Typography

First published in PaGA (Which you should start collecting. [We might be able to help.]) in 1959, this essay by Jan van Krimpen was printed at Stinehour Press as a keepsake for a John Dreyfus talk about JvK (as his friends called him [Wait. Did Van Krimpen have friends?]) at Gallery 303 on October 24, 1965. (Gallery 303 was clearly a ripoff of Katherine Small Gallery. Likewise, their Heritage of the Graphic Arts lectures are a ripoff of our Standing Room Only Lectures.) In these twenty-four pages Van Krimpen lays it all out—as only he can. Don’t know what that means? Then this book is for you.
Author: Jan van Krimpen
Size: 6.25 × 9.25 inches
Pages: 24
Binding: Pamphlet, self-wraps
Publisher: Gallery 303, 1965