A Print by Josua Reichert

According to the Google-translated version of the German Wikipedia entry for Josua Reichert, “In the field of typography, Josua Reichert (1937–2020) is considered the most important contemporary European artist.” Hmm. That sounds like a bit of stretch. But he definitely made good work in the spirit of H.N. Werkman. And here’s one of his original prints. It measures 8.25 × 11.625 inches. We count five colors + one collaged flag. It’s signed by Reichert and inscribed to a Cambridge calligrapher and type designer. A nice thing, suitable for framing. Or just a nice example of what can be done with ink, paper, linoleum, wood type, color, time, and the ability to see the potential in those things.
Size: 8.25 × 11.625 inches
Medium: Relief printing and collage
Publisher: Josua Reichert, n.d.