A Specimen of Fell Type (1685) in Facsimile


We’ve been reading about the types of John Fell for so long that we can’t even remember anything about them. So we’ll keep this description brief so as to remove the chance of removing all doubt about our ignorance. But we can tell you that these long admired types are shown here in what was at the time of its publication a newly discovered specimen. Cantabrigian Philip Hofer wrote a note about Bishop Fell (for whom the types are named) and the specimen was reproduced by collotype at Meriden Gravure. But all that mumbo-jumbo aside, this is a good opportunity to see a beautifully-printed facsimile of a family of types that’re often imitated some 160 years after they first made an appearance.

  • Author: Philip Hofer
  • Size: 9.5 × 12.5 inches
  • Pages: 12
  • Binding: Pamphlet in a sturdy slipcase
  • Edition: No. 40 of 240 copies
  • Condition: Some spotting but nothing that ruins or distracts from the whole. We hope we look this good when we’re 81-years-old.
  • Publisher: Harvard College Library + The Columbiad Club, 1940