Sometimes two lines of rhyming verse and a nice old engraving are all one could need. (All one could need after food, shelter, dignity, respect, and an iPhone, that is.) It helps when the verse is by Anthony Hecht and the engravings are by Thomas Bewick and the title on the title page is lettered by John Benson. This lovely respite from the world comes with insightful Aesopian wisdom and was printed at Leonard Baskin’s Gehenna Press down the road in Northampton. One of just five hundred copies of which 100 were set aside for the Society of Printers, the oldest graphic design organization in the country.
  • Author: Anthony Hecht
  • Afterword: Philip Hofer
  • Size: 8.5 × 8 inches 
  • Pages: 40 
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Edition: No. 266 of 500 copies
  • Condition: Perfect except for some very minor cracking at one of the corners. It’s really pretty insignificant. We hardly noticed. You really need a magnifying glass to notice. Don’t be so sensitive.
  • Publisher: Gehenna Press, 1967