Greer Allen: All I Know about Book Design I Learned on the Racetrack


Greer Allen was a designer, Senior Critic in Graphic Design at Yale School of Art, Yale University Printer, and (when he was young) a jockey. This short essay developed from one of his talks, points out the heretofore unrealized parallels between designing books and racing ponies. It’s a total treasure—just like Greer was.

Note: At present we have three copies in various conditions. One’s pretty good. The others are rough around the edges. If we didn’t already have one we’d be glad to have any of these in ourselves. (But we don’t really care about condition.) Good copies are hard to find. This book was printed as a tribute to Greer, and he was so beloved that good copies aren’t often around.

Author: Greer Allen
Size: 6.5 × 11 inches
Pages: 30
Binding: Pamphlet
Publisher: Friends of Greer Allen, 2005