We’re not entirely sure what we’re looking at here, but we know it’s good. We’re not quickly finding a lot of info about Alt-Holländisch, but this specimen from Lettergieterij Amsterdam was designed by Richard von Sichowsky (who is not sufficiently recognized here in the U.S. [FYI: We have a good book about him.]) with a nice engraving by Otto Rohse. More importantly, it shows how to make contemporary and useful a letterform that in our modern world is neither.

UPDATE: Sometimes Twitter is useful. Florian Hardwig pointed us to the Fonts in Use entry for Cloister Black and tweeted: “Oud-Hollands (German: Alt-Holländisch, English: ‘Old Dutch’) appears to be a copy of Cloister Black (ATF, 1904), issued by Lettergieterij Amsterdam in 1910. This specimen booklet addresses the German-speaking market.”

  • Size: 7.25 × 10.25 inches
  • Pages: 8 + cover
  • Binding: Sewn pamphlet
  • Condition: A couple spots on the cover near spine + someone wrote (nicely) Oud Holland (Old Holland) on the cover.
  • Publisher: Lettergieterij Amsterdam, n.d.