Armin Hofmann: Reduction. Ethics. Didactics.

Is it possible to have too much Armin Hofmann? That seems unlikely. This book, published to celebrate his 100th birthday, offers a comprehensive overview of his creative work, his ethical convictions for the design profession, and the pedagogical principles that developed into his practical lessons for designers. Don’t know what that means? That’s OK. The book is loaded with pictures and lots of short, easily-digestible texts that’ll allow you to dip in and out and always take something away. An invaluable resource for students, teachers, professionals, and you.
  • Author: Matthias Hofmann
  • Contributors: Wolfgang Weingart, April Greiman, Mahendra Patel, Inge Druckrey, and others
  • Size: 7.5 × 9.75 inches
  • Pages: 324
  • Binding: Softcover
  • Language: German + English
  • Publisher: Matthias Hofmann Publisher, 2020