Boston: A Map Showing Institutions and Sites of Historic Interest by Veronica Ruzicka

Here’s a handsome map by Veronica Ruzicka, daughter of Rudolph and an acclaimed maker of paste papers and maps. In fact, she studied military map making and photogrammetry at Columbia and was then employed for several years as a map maker in New York City. But this a map of Boston, not New York. She lived here, too. Anyway, although some of specifics are no longer up-to-date, much of it is still accurate because this city hardly changes. A lovely and useful thing and a fine example of how to convey complicated and messy information with just some lines.
  • Designer: Veronica Ruzicka
  • Size: 16.5 × 15.25 inches
  • Condition: Some minor discoloration at the edges. Otherwise fine
  • Publisher: The Old South Association in Boston,* 1949 (*The Old South Association has nothing to do with the Confederacy and the South’s attempt to destroy the country and keep slavery in place. It was an organization that oversaw the preservation of the Old South Meetinghouse where all sorts of revolutionary activities took place.)