Boston Public Library Bookplate

Here’s a neat little thing: A bookplate from the Boston Public Library. Presumably it from their W.A. Dwiggins collection funded by Dorothy Abbe, printer, book designer, and photographer, best known as the longtime companion and protégé of W.A. Dwiggins. She lived with and cared for Dwiggins and his wife Mabel from 1947 until 1968, and continued to promote Dwiggins’ life work for decades after his death in 1956. Here you can see the BPL paid her proper respect by typing her name at the bottom of this place. (That’s sarcastic.) Still, a neat thing (as stated above) and a must-have for any serious Dwiggins collector.
  • Size: 2.5 × 375 inches
  • Pages: 1 single sheet
  • Binding: na
  • Condition: Fine, but there’s some sort of squiggly stain on it. If you find a better copy, definitely get it!
  • Publisher: Boston Public Library, n.d.