Boxwood & Graver: A Miscellany of Blocks


Here we have the founder of Penguin Books wishing you a happy Christmas. Of course, you don’t know one another and he’s been dead for over fifty years, but this is one of the books he’d send out to 1,500 of his closest friends and colleagues. This one contains thirty-one engravings commissioned for Penguin covers and title pages—but in those instances the engravings were reproductions. In this book they are printed from the original blocks. There are engravings and engravers you’ll recognize (Reynolds Stone, Imre Reiner, David Gentleman) and some you may not (Cecil Keeling, Derrick Harris, Roy Morgan. George Buday, Diana Bloomfield) but this is a lovely thing, arranged with care by Hans Schmoller. 

The condition is, admittedly, not great, with water damage and foxing, but it is such a pleasant thing that none of the above matters. From beginning to end it is a pure delight.

  • Author: Allen Lane
  • Size: 4.875 × 7 inches
  • Pages: 80, printed recto-only
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Publisher: Privately printed (Allen Lane), 1958