Design Brief: Year 1 Complete Set


We announced our Design Brief in February of 2020 P.M. (pre-mask). Boy. Those were the days. . . . Anyway, we wanted to make a quarterly, 16-page design journal that one could start, enjoy, and finish while making toast or boiling a pot of water. So we did. Each issue is a short, easily-digestible, single-topic issue about a designer you’ve never heard of, an unknown body of work from a designer you might know of, or some collection of oddball things you’ve never thought about. Now you can buy the entirety of Year One (four issues) as one complete set. (You can also subscribe to Year Two.)

Back Issues from Year One
No. 1: On Carol

No. 2: Perplex, Abstract & Delight
No. 3: Lance Hidy’s Studies for Rebuilding [...]
No. 4: Ootje Oxenaar Spines

Authors: Various
Size: 6 × 9 inches
Pages: 16 each
Binding: Four pamphlets 
Publisher: Katherine Small Gallery, 2020