Design Brief: Subscription for 2020


There are (believe it or not) things too good for the Internet. We’ve been collecting and cataloguing some of these things—and they form the foundation of our new 16-page, quarterly journal: Design Brief. Subscribe today and every three or so months, you’ll receive in the mail a short, easily-digestible, single-topic issue about a designer you’ve never heard of, an unknown body of work from a designer you might know of, or some collection of oddball things you’ve never thought about. Come wind, rain, sleet, or shine, our goal is to deliver to your mailbox (not your inbox) good and surprising work you can learn about and hold in your hand. 

Issues Thus Far
No. 1: On Carol

No. 2: Perplex, Abstract & Delight
No. 3: Lance Hidy’s Studies for Rebuilding [...]


Why are you doing this? 
We’ve got a bookstore, a gallery, and a lecture series, all dedicated to graphic design and typography. The only thing we’re missing from this winning combination is a printed journal. What could possibly go wrong? (Wait. Don’t answer that.)

Why should I subscribe?
If you live in the United States, you’ll save a little money. If you buy individual issues, you’ll have to pay for shipping them and for Massachusetts sales tax—and that adds up. By subscribing, you’re essentially getting your copies shipped for free and Massachusetts doesn’t collect sales tax on subscriptions. And who doesn’t like free shipping? Some people pay Amazon $100/year for free shipping—so that’s not really free. (And Amazon ruins small businesses and local communities.)

What if I subscribe after the first issue is published?
Subscriptions are by calendar year, not rolling like most subscriptions. So, if you subscribe in, say, October of 2020 (by which point there will be three issues) we’ll send you all the back issues and whatever comes out before December 31. 

Will my subscription renew automatically?
No. Let’s not worry about the second year just yet. 

Where do I enter the shipping address?
By default, your billing address will be used for shipping—but can be changed to a different address by contacting us or responding to the order confirmation email.

Can I give someone a gift subscription?
Sure. Just fill out all the info as if it’s for yourself, and then respond to the order confirmation to update the name and address of the giftee. We’ll let them know how generous you are.

Does the journal have anything to do with postage stamps?
No. It’s possible some might sneak in. In general, Design Brief has nothing to do with stamps.

Author: Various
Size: 6 × 9 inches
Pages: 16 
Binding: Pamphlet 
Publisher: Katherine Small Gallery, 2020