Dingbats (Paula Scher)

“Have you ever scrambled through files or scoured books to find that perfect dingbat?” asks the intro to this portfolio of dingbats. We suppose we all have at one point or another, yes. Here we have Paula Scher arranging over 1,000 geegaws and ornaments and flourishes and hearts and flowers—all on Champion Linen paper. See, it may be a useful tool from which you can scan and steal dingbats, but it’s real goal is to get you to buy paper. Either way, it’s neat and useful and uncommon.
  • Compiler/Designer: Paula Scher
  • Size: 11 × 11.5 inches
  • Pages: 10 folios + 1 leaf
  • Binding: Unbound folded sheets in a paper folder
  • Condition: The sheets are fine, but the folder is worn and rough around the edges. 
  • Publisher: Champion Papers, 1989