Display Typography

Typography is the ordering of the visual elements of the printed word (FYI) and is a vital part of graphic design (FYI). Today, typography has reach a level of subtlety and complexity demanding serious study by all who have to practice it or who require to understand and appreciate it. Fortunately Eric Bain prepared this comprehensive guide with practical exercises to the techniques of display typography for all of us. This one is pure bliss.
  • Author: Eric K Baine
  • Size: 7.125 × 9.25
  • Pages: 182
  • Binding: Harcover
  • Condition: The book itself is fine but the jacket is scuffed and chipped. It’s in mylar, though, so it looks fantastic and it’ll impress people as a book you’ve been referencing for years.
  • Publisher: Hastings House, 1970