Dumbarton Farm: A Place in the Country [Lester Beall]


What we like about this brochure promoting the concept, the philosophy, and the purpose of the Lester Beall Design Group is that it doesn’t actually show any of it’s work. It shows the team at work, in a beautifully-designed office (in the country). It’s philosophy and aesthetics are presented as part of the life they have chosen to live. We’d hire them if they were still around.

Watch a flip-through here »

  • Introduction: S.S. Field
  • Text: A conversation between Field and Lester Beall
  • Size: 8.625 × 11.25 inches 
  • Pages: 24 
  • Binding: Stapled pamphlet
  • Condition: There’s a vellum wrapper (of sorts) that has shrunk with age and is cockled and with two small tears. There is some yellowing on the interior in that way that coated paper yellows with age. Unfortunately the center signature has detached and the staples holding all together are rusted. This doesn’t paint a pretty picture, but the whole is so special and uncommon that none of the above matters. 
  • Publisher: Thames & Hudson, 1956