English Printed Books

Not rare or hard to find, but a nice example of lettering on this jacket by Elizabeth Friedlander. She actually did the lettering on the bulk of the Britain in Pictures series, but in this particular book you get her lettering on a book that might actually be of interest to you. And Meynell was a good and knowing writer. Of further interest is that he includes a title in this series as a notable example of English printing.
  • Author: Francis Meynell
  • Size: 6.25 × 8.75 inches
  • Pages: 48
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Condition: Jacket is a little dirty and worn, but underneath the cover has the exact same lettering and is in very good condition. We’ll put the jacket in protective mylar to further ensure we make no money on this one. 
  • Publisher: Collins, 1948