Gotthard de Beauclair: Buchgestalter, Lyriker, Verleger


We love the work of Gotthard de Beauclair and have never understood why this book has sat here for so long. It’s in German, sure, but there are plenty of pics of extremely good work. Well, we just figured out why it’s never sold: We forgot to put a price on it. (Pro Tip: Books sell much better when they have a price on them.) Anyway, born in 1907, Gotthard de Beauclair spent most of his life learning about calligraphy, printing, typography, and book design. With his expertise and skillful technique, he produced some of the finest examples of limited editions and commercially-produced books. Even now, his work stands as a model for superior bookmaking and his typography makes us wants to give a chef’s kiss.

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  • Size: 9.25 × 13 inches 
  • Pages: 168
  • Binding: Softcover
  • Language: German
  • Publisher: Rheinlandia Verlag, 1996