Hermann Zapf: Pen and Graver


No fair that this book is so good. The first blank page, the last, and every one in between: they’re all delicious. This stunner is loaded with Hermann Zapf showing off his best hands. After World War II Germany was pretty-well wrecked. This is Zapf and his trusty engraver August Rosenberger showing that they were still standing and ready to get to work. It really seems pointless to write much about this one. Every page speaks for itself. Signed by Zapf—which was not a standard thing. 

See for yourself. (But know it's a different copy in the video.)

  • Author: Hermann Zapf
  • Introduction: Paul Standard
  • Size: 12 × 9 inches
  • Pages: 68
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Condition: The vellum spine is dark and dirty, but otherwise a fine copy. The binding has some bumps and worn corners. We’d keep it for ourselves if our own copy wasn't infinitely worse. Inside is totally fine and clean. And signed by Zapf of the second leaf.
  • Publisher: Museum Books, 1952