In This Book Are 12 Original Typefaces [. . .] (Type@Cooper)


Allow us to begin by quoting the rather-long title of this specimen book: “In this book are 12 original typefaces designed partly at the Cooper Union and partly in quarantine, while protesting racism and police brutality, wearing masks and maintaining 6ft distance during a global pandemic, watching a president be impeached, seeing astronauts launched into orbit, dodging murder hornets, learning about UFOs, working from home, and studying type design at the Type@Cooper Extended Program in 2020.”

It’s hard to say more than that. But now allow us to try. Here’s what we see: Twelve well-made faces presented with care. This is a good and interesting showing by a diverse group of students made during a horrible time in human history. We tip our hats to Maxime Gau, Serena Ho, Mike Martins, Sabrina Nacmias, Peter Nowell, Rubén Pineda, Allyn Reiss, Kristin Schultz, Jaimey Shapey, Kevin Smith, Brenan Stetzer, and Luis Velencia Córdova for sticking with it and pulling this off. Nicely done.

Size: 5.625 × 8.75 inches
Pages: 104
Binding: Wire coil binding
Publisher: Type@Cooper, 2020