Japanese Folk Toys

We’re not gonna lie: We’ve not read a word of this book—but that’s only because it’s in Japanese and French. But we do know this: Like all of Philippe Weisbecker’s books, it’s a charmer. The traditional folk toys of Japan are simple dolls and figurines made from clay, wood, and paper. Known as kyodo gangu, the delightful little animals and other fanciful creatures used to be given to children to play with, but today these objects have become more coveted by collectors than by young people. Philippe Weisbecker, an artist and illustrator whose work we’ve carried since we first opened, went in search of Japanese folk toys, learning about the craftsmanship behind them in traditional workshops. This little book includes a page by page reproduction of Weisbecker’s notebook, in which he sketched and documented objects he discovered and places he visited. It records his descriptions and personal reflections during his travels in Japan—and is the perfect gift for anyone who can read Japanese and French, or someone who just likes nice books and good drawings.
Author: Philippe Weisbecker
Size: 4 × 6.8 inches
Pages: 248
Binding: Smyth-sewn softcover
Publisher: Seigensha, 2018