Jurriaan Schrofer: Restless Typographer


Our introduction to Jurriaan Schrofer came via his work with stamps. This book introduced us to the rest of his work. A prolific figure in the postwar Dutch design scene, his name seems into sunk into oblivion. Despite being responsible for the design of books, trademarks, stamps (as mentioned), magazines, calendars, and more, his work didn’t get the attention it deserved over here. Is it because here in the US we tend not to speak Dutch? Possibly. Or was he too radical and restless for his own good? Who knows. Who cares? This is a remarkable body of work and a great book.

  • Author: Frederike Huygen
  • Size: 5.9375 × 9.9375 inches
  • Pages: 142
  • Binding: Softcover with exposed sewing that people go nuts for
  • Condition: Fine, but on the lower left edge of the front cover is a little mark of red, like this book might have sat next to a book bound in red leather. Fancy!
  • Publisher: Unit Editions, 2013