Karl Gerstner: Compendium for Literates

This book opens up. By this we mean the spine is at the top rather than the side and that it’ll open minds. It details different ways of looking and thing about type and lettering for communication. Descriptions of this book written elsewhere are convoluted and filled with all sorts of jargon we can’t understand. But the nice thing about this book is that it’s easy to understand. Gerstner had ideas and he illustrated them with clarity. Another great book for sharing with students.
  • Author: Karl Gerstner
  • Size: 5.875 × 5.875 inches
  • Pages: 180
  • Binding: Softcover
  • Condition: Cover is scuffed and worn. Some browning at top, but a good used copy of an excellent book. The condition will make it seem like you've had and loved it for years. We've put it in protective mylar.
  • Publisher: MIT Press, 1974