Kenji Nakayama: Blue Caps + Figs, No. 2


When we were in art school we got a kick out of the ceramists referring a certain blue glaze as Cashflow Blue—as in, This color sells. Here’s a set of caps with some figs, hand-lettered by Kenji Nakayama in Cashflow Blue. It’s hard to argue with something that looks so good. And this is ready to go on your wall as we’ve put it in a modest acrylic frame that could have scratches or scuffs—but you get what your pay for. (Photo of random baby not included.)

NOTE: This piece is in our current Super-Small Exhibit of Kenji Nakayama’s workIf you buy it now, we’ll ship it on December 13, 2021, so that it can get to yours in time for late-December gift-giving. (Although, given the state of the world and the USPS, we can’t make promises.)

  • Size: 14 × 11 inches
  • Pages: 1 sheet
  • Medium: Sign paint on paper
  • Frame: Inexpensive acrylic box frame
  • Year: 2021