Kenji Nakayama: Red Figs, No. 1


Red is the printer’s second color. And this red is a striking as the day is long. Here’s a set of striking red numbers hand-lettered by Kenji Nakayama. It’s hard to argue with something that looks so good. And this is ready to go on your wall as we’ve put it in a modest acrylic frame that could have scratches or scuffs—but you get what your pay for. (Photo of random baby not included.)

NOTE: This piece is in our current Super-Small Exhibit of Kenji Nakayama’s workIf you buy it now, we’ll ship it on December 13, 2021, so that it can get to yours in time for late-December gift-giving. (Although, given the state of the world and the USPS, we can’t make promises.)

  • Size: 14 × 11 inches
  • Pages: 1 sheet
  • Medium: Sign paint on paper
  • Frame: Inexpensive acrylic box frame
  • Year: 2021