KittyPOP (June 2023)

Lately people have come in and asked for books on very specific subjects: Birds native to Connecticut and Scandinavian airport wayfinding are two of the subjects that have recently been requested and come to mind. We only specialize in things nobody is interested in, we tell them. If you want it, we definitely don’t have it. But now we have this book about cats—and people are always asking about cat books. And cat prints. And they’re asking if we have any cat Instagram accounts that we can recommend. (We don’t.) But now we’ve got this one to strike your fancy—and it’s loaded with fun illustrations and loads of types designed by Space Type. Me-wow!
  • Authors: Lynne Yun, Kevin Yeh, Cecilia Zhang, Sooyoung Jeon, Chris Kwon
  • Size: 5 × 7.5 inches 
  • Pages: 16 
  • Binding: Pamphlet 
  • Publisher: Space Type, 2023