Ladislav Sutnar: Visual Design in Action (exhibition catalogue)

Everywhere it was seen, Ladislav Sutnar: Visual Design in Action received wide acclaim. It was called “an all time classic” and appraised as “the best traveling exhibition of its type to have bee presented in the United States.” Of course, that was all before Katherine Small Gallery started putting on exhibits about graphic design, so the standards were lower. Still, it’s hard to imagine a Sutnar exhibition being anything but excellent. This catalogue records some aspects of the show in photographs and essay with characteristic graphic dynamism.
  • Size: 6 × 12 inches 
  • Pages: 12 + cover
  • Binding: Stapled pamphlet
  • Condition: Cover is spotted and spine shows wear in the way a coated cover often cracks at the spine, but still a nice thing. 
  • Publisher: Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, and Champion Papers, 1961?