Le Papillon imprimeur

Le Papillon imprimeur reproduces a collection of butterflies and moths whose multicolored wings create a mysterious color chart. The printing process—which includes eight colors via offset and thirteen colors via silkscreen (plus a run of phosphorescent) and numerous impressions via foil stamping—makes each book unique, and the detachable pages allow the reader to combine the twelve butterflies and twelve moths in various ways, creating one great, colorful beating of wings. In each copy is hiding a phosphorescent moth visible at night—although this one is brand new to the shop and we’ve not yet seen it ourselves. Another beautiful distraction from Fanette Mellier.
  • Author: Fanette Mellier 
  • Size: 7.875 × 11.75 inches 
  • Pages: 16 
  • Binding: Elastic cord binding (which allows the pages to be reshuffled) 
  • Publisher: Éditions du livre, 2016