Lous Martens: Animal Books for Jaap Zeno Anna Julian Luca


Katherine Small Gallery opened in the Spring of 2018 to encourage affordable collecting. We should’ve hired Lous Martens as a curator. She opens this book as follows: “Seventeen years ago our grandson Jaap was born. That was the start of an animal book for Jaap. I used a dummy for the OASE journal of architecture and loosely pasted in pictures of animals that I had clipped from newspapers and magazines about art, literature and science. Plus stamps and photos from advertising brochures. Then Zeno was born and the same thing happened: an animal book for Zeno. Now I was working on two books at once. Then came Anna. Julian. Luca.” And now we all get to share in this wonderful lookbook of animals—and we’re not even related to Martens! Plop this down and pick it up when you need a trip to the animal kingdom—or just a carefree distraction from whatever you’re supposed to be doing.

  • Author: Lous Martens
  • Size: 6.7 × 9.4 inches
  • Pages: 416
  • Binding: Softcover
  • Publisher: Roma, 2017 (2021)