NBS Special Publication 424: A Contribution to Computer Typesetting Techniques

NBS Special Publication 424 could not appear to be more banal. And in truth there are dozens of pages of seemingly random numbers that would have no meaning unless you knew they were points on a grid—for representing an early digital typeface by a US government scientist. Published by the National Bureau of Standards, this modest piece of printing recognizes the typographic contributions of Dr. A.V. Hershey. Not much is known about Ol’ Doc Hersh (as nobody called him), but his early vector fonts are much admired by programmers and mathematicians—and some type designers. Frank Grießhammer gave a good talk about them. And now you, too, can read a little and marvel at what he was able to achieve with a few straight lines and what we would now consider the crudest of tools. This is a fascinating piece of printing history and we’re gonna regret letting it go.
Authors: Norman M. Wolcott and Joseph Hilsenrath
Size: 7.75 × 10.25 inches
Pages: 174
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: National Bureau of Standards, 1976