Piet Zwart en Het boek van PTT


In 1938 the Dutch office for postage, telegraphy, and telephony (PTT) issued a book for children which explained how to send mail, telegraphs, and make phone calls. It was a bonkers display of adventurous typography, photography, and illustration. Boundaries were pushed, all in the name of teaching kids how to communicate over distance. Every inch is wild. This facsimile makes available to all of us this triumph. It includes a second illustrated volume by Paul Hefting, explaining what this thing is all about. Alas, it’s in Dutch. (But we have an English translation and will send a scan if you remind us.)

  • Author: Piet Zwart
  • Essay: Paul Hefting (trans. by Ruth Koenig)
  • Size: 7 × 9.875 inches
  • Pages: Volume 1: 52; Volume 2: 24
  • Binding: softcover and pamphlet in card portfolio
  • Language: Dutch
  • Publisher: PTT, 1985